Registering a Print Server

You can register output destinations that cannot be found from the [Select Printer] screen and devices other than printers/multi-function devices (such as print servers etc.).


The number of registered devices has not reached the upper limit.
Up to 10 devices can be registered in this app. If a total of 10 devices are registered, search devices after deleting registered devices.


1.Tap [] on the top left corner of the Canon PRINT Business home screen.
[Select Printer] screen is displayed.
2.Tap [Manual Search (Wi-Fi)]
3.Enter the IP address or DNS name (FQDN) of the device you want to use.
When Searching by Specifying a DNS
Enter the FQDN.
<FQDN Entry Sample>
If the host name is "device01", the subdomain name is "aaa", and the domain name is "":
4.If the [Could not find a supported printer.] message is displayed, tap [Register As].
5.In the [Register As] dialog box, enter a name in [Registered Name].
6.Set [Queue Name], [Printer Port], and [Byte count].
7.Tap [Register].


The device is registered in the [Select Printer] screen list.
Registered device information can be changed in the [Printer Details] screen.
Depending on the print server you are using, if the share name of a device registered with the print server and the name set in [Queue Name] of Canon PRINT Business do not match, you may not be able to print.

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