How to View the [Select Printer] Screen

In the [Select Printer] screen, you can check device information and device status and select the device you want to use in the registered device list.
[] (Access Point)
Displays the wireless LAN connection status and access point SSID. Tapping [] displays the Wi-Fi settings screen of the mobile terminal.
Device List
The registered devices are displayed in list form. You can check the device information and status with the icon. Tapping the device name enables you to select it as the device to use.
If you tap the details icon, you can check details about the device information in the [Printer Details] screen.
[]: Devices whose maximum paper width is A4/Letter.
[]: Color printers.
[]: B&W printers.
[]: PDF direct printing compatible devices.*
* Devices equipped with PDF direct printing or the PS printing function, or with an optional HDD, ROM, or RAM attached
[]: There is information from the device.
Display the Remote UI from the [Printer Details] screen and check the information.
Deleting a Device
Press and hold the device name, then tap [Delete] in the dialog box displayed.
[Auto Search (Wi-Fi)]
Automatically searches for devices on the network to which the mobile terminal is connected.
[Manual Search (Wi-Fi)]
Searches for devices by specifying IP address or DNS name (FQDN).
[QR Code]
Scans the QR codes of devices that can display QR codes, and registers those devices.
[Nearby Printers]
Automatically detects devices with Bluetooth.