Registering Settings to the Device Quick Menu (imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series When Using the [Scan and Send] Function)

If you register frequently used scan settings in the Quick Menu, you no longer need to set the same send destination settings and scan settings.


Registering Settings to the Quick Menu

1.Press [Scan and Send] at the control panel of the device.
2.Configure the scan settings.
3.Press [].
4.Press [Register to Quick Menu].
5.Press [Next].
6.Specify the recall settings for the button to register → press [Next].
[Display Confirmation Screen When Recalling]:
When recalling the settings, a settings confirmation screen is displayed.
If you set [Off], the settings confirmation screen is not displayed when recalling the settings.
[Start Operation for Recall]:
The job is executed at the same that you press the button, without [] (Start) being pressed.
7.Select a registration location from among [Personal] and [Shared] → select the button to register → press [Next].
8.Press [Name]/[Comment] → enter a name/comment → press [OK].
9.Press [OK] → [Close].
Scan settings are registered in the Device Quick Menu.

Recalling the Registered Settings from the Quick Menu

1.Press [] (Quick Menu).
2.Select [Personal] or [Shared] → press the button you want to use.
3.Press [Yes].
Depending on the network settings of the device, the wireless router, and the mobile terminal, the IP address of the mobile terminal may not be fixed. If this happens, in the [Scan and Send] screen of the device, press [Details] and change the IP address entered in [Host Name].


Registered scan settings are recalled from the Device Quick Menu.