Cannot Print

Check the following.
Status of the Device
Is the device turned on?
Is the device's LPD (LPR) print setting set to [On]?
Is the device online?
The confirmation method differs for each device model. For details, refer to the manuals provided with the device.
Settings of This App
If you are using a print server, do the share name of the device and the queue name set in this app match?
Depending on the print server you are using, if the share name of a device registered with the print server and the name set in [Queue Name] of Canon PRINT Business do not match, you may not be able to print.
If you are using a print server and register a device that is compatible with the UFRII LT printer driver, you may not be able to print.
The characters that you can use for the user name may be restricted, depending on the device you are using. If a restricted character string is set in [App Settings] > [User Information] of the app or [Output Method] > [User Name] of the print settings, you may not be able to print data from this app.
User Authentication
Has [Update Printer Information] been working properly?
Updating the information of authentication mode may be limited depending on the device settings. Tap [Update Printer Information], acquire the latest configuration information of the device, then display the supported authentication modes.
Is printing from the device limited to user authenticated printing?
If printing from the device is limited to user authenticated printing, set [User Name] and [Password] in [Print Settings] > [Authentication Mode] > [User Authentication] in this app.
Are the user authenticated printing settings of this app correct?
User authenticated printing can only be performed if [User Name] and [Password] are entered correctly.
Are you trying to perform user authentication as a domain user?
User authenticated printing does not support domain users. Set [User Name] and [Password] registered in the device.