Cannot Use the [Release and Print] Function

If "HTTP 404 Not Found" is displayed
Check the following.
Has the device finished starting up?
If it has not finished starting up, tap [Release and Print] again after the device has finished starting up.
If an error message is displayed
Check the following.
Is "_" included in the DNS name of the device?
If the device you are using is registered in this app not as an IP address but as a DNS name, communication with the device may fail if "_" is included in the DNS name.
Check the DNS name in the device list of the [Select Printer] screen. If "_" is included in the DNS name displayed under the device name, such as in "", re-register the device you are using by manually searching for it using its IP address.
Is the Remote UI set to [Administrator Authentication Mode]?
If [Authentication Mode] of the Remote UI you are using is set to [Administrator Authentication Mode], you cannot login to the device from a mobile terminal. For details, consult the administrator of the device.
Administrator privileges password
If the password for logging in with administrator privileges to the device you are using is the default password, you cannot login to the device. If this happens, change the password.
Are you using a device that has been registered with Wi-Fi Direct by specifying proxy settings using the Wi-Fi settings of the mobile terminal?
If proxy settings have been set using the Wi-Fi settings of the mobile terminal and you are connected to the device using Wi-Fi Direct, the Release and Print screen cannot be displayed. Perform the operations on the control panel of the device or reconnect to the device using another method beside Wi-Fi Direct.
If print data is not displayed
Check the following.
Are the [User Information] settings correct?
In the [User Information] screen, set the user name and domain name that you used when holding the print data.
When logging in as a domain user, check that [User Information] > [Use the domain name when logging in to the printer] is set to on.
Are the device settings correct?
If the device settings are set so that the print data is not displayed, the print data will not be displayed.
Has the hold time expired?
If the hold time of the print data has expired, the print data is deleted.
Has another user deleted the print data?
If the print data is categorized as [Shared] or [Group], it is possible that another user has printed or deleted the print data.