Restrictions on Data Conversion Service

Internet Connection Environment
If you use a service that requires an Internet connection, such as "Data Conversion Service" or cloud storage, check that the Wi-Fi network that the mobile terminal is connected to is connected to the Internet.
It may connect to the Internet from a mobile phone network such as LTE or 3G in environments where it cannot connect to the Internet from a Wi-Fi network, and in such cases the customer must bear the connection cost.
There may be cases where the print job is not output with completely the same layout as the original even if you use the Data Conversion Service.
You can upload files of up to 20 MB to the Data Conversion Service.
You cannot convert password-protected files, files whose data is unauthorized or corrupted, and empty files.
You cannot download files of more than 99 pages after data conversion.
If you print a file opened in another app using the Data Conversion Service with this app, you cannot save the converted data in the mobile terminal.