Starting Up and Exiting Media Librarian

This section describes operation for starting up and exiting Media Librarian.


Start up Media Librarian from the shortcut created on the desktop during installation. If a shortcut was not created during installation, launch MediaLibrarian.exe [] in the folder where Media Librarian is installed.

To start Media Librarian from a Windows computer

Following the instructions on the screen, specify the IP address (IPv4) or the server name containing the domain of the printer server connected to the printer operated by Media Librarian.

If Media Librarian does not start up correctly from a Windows computer

Change the printer server settings in the following order:
Click  (Main menu)  [Fiery] from the control panel of the printer connected to the printer server.
Click [Login]  [Password], enter the printer server administrator password, and click [OK]  [Login].
Click the buttons in the following order.
[Tools]  [Setup]  [Network]  [IP Port Setup]
Place a check mark for [Enable Other Ports], and click [Save Changes].
Click [IP Port Setup] again  [Setup Other Ports].
Click [Add Port]  [Add Port].
Input 9915 in the input field, and click [OK]  [Save Changes].
Repeat steps 6 and 7, and register 20000 and 20010.
Click [Exit Setup].
Restart the printer server according to the instructions on the screen.
Make sure that the printer is on before starting up Media Librarian. If the printer is not on, an error will be displayed when starting up Media Librarian.
Only one printer server can be accessed from Media Librarian.
Media Librarian cannot be used if it is installed on an incompatible printer server, even if you connect to it from a Windows computer.
If the settings are changed while multiple Media Librarian applications are connected to the same printer server, the changes may not get reflected. First make sure that no other Media Librarian is connected to the printer server and then change the settings.
Depending on the printer, when multiple Media Librarian applications are connected, the most recently connected Media Librarian will be given priority, and a warning dialog box will appear indicating that the previously connected Media Librarian has been disconnected.


Click the x mark at the top right of the Main screen.