Setting Up Print Server

With a print server, you can reduce the load on the computer that you print from. The print server also enables each computer to install the drivers over the network, which saves you the trouble of installing the drivers on each computer by using the provided CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. To set up a computer on the network as a print server, configure the settings for sharing the printer.
To perform the following procedure, log on to your computer with an administrator account.
You may be unable to install drivers over the network depending on the operating system and the bit architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) of the print server and client computers.
When implementing a print server in a domain environment, consult your Network Administrator.
To obtain device information when using a print server
"Canon Driver Information Assist Service" must be added during the printer driver installation. For more information, see the manuals for the relevant drivers on the online manual website.
Open the printer folder. Displaying the Printer Folder
Right-click your printer icon and click [Printer properties] (or [Properties]).
Click the [Sharing] tab, select [Share this printer], and enter the share name of the machine.

When [Change Sharing Options] is displayed
Click [Change Sharing Options]. If the [User Account Control] dialog box appears, click [Yes] (or [Continue]).
Install additional drivers as necessary.
This operation is required if you want to install the drivers in other computers running a different bit architecture via the print server.
Click [OK].

Installing the Drivers on a Computer via the Print Server