A Fax Activity Report can be printed either automatically or manually.
The Fax Activity Report can be printed at a specified time or it can be printed automatically when the number of send transmissions reaches 40.
For information on the optional products required to use this function, see "Optional Products Required for Each Function."
The items printed for the report and a description of each item are indicated below.


If Department ID Management is set, the Department ID is printed. Transmission logs are listed according to Department ID.


The date and time (in 24-hour notation) at which the document started to be transmitted or received are printed. If SSO-H is set as the login service, the user name used for login is printed below the set time. When the machine cannot specify the user (for example, when automatically forwarding), the user name is not printed.


The name and fax number of the remote party are printed. If a subaddress or Sender Name has been specified, it is printed beneath the fax number.
If sending by selecting an address from the address book, the name of the remote party registered in the address book is printed. If sending by entering a number with the numeric keys, the Transmitting Subscriber Identification (TSI) acquired from the recipient is printed.
If the ACCESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM KIT is enabled when a logged in general user prints a Fax Activity Report, jobs performed by other users are printed with "***" in the Fax Number, Subaddress, and Destination ID columns. To see information in the Fax Number, Subaddress, and Destination ID columns, log in as an administrator.


If a Job Owner Name is entered, it is printed.


The four digit number, that is automatically assigned when the document is accepted for sending or receiving, is printed. Numbers between 0001 and 4999 are for sending, while numbers between 5001 and 9999 are for receiving.


The communicated contents are printed.
TX, Sequential Broadcast TX, Delayed Sequential Broadcast


The number of pages that were sent or received is printed.


Prints "OK" or "NG."
If a send job is canceled, <STOP> is printed in the Results column on the Send report.
Communication was completed successfully. The communication time is also printed next to "OK."
Communication failed. The communication time and error code are also printed next to "NG."
The page number at which communication failure occurred is also printed.
If you are using the Remote Fax Kit, you were unable to receive notification from the server that communication was completed.
If a field exceeds its display capacity, only those characters that fit in the display are printed.

Automatically Printing the Fax Activity Report

The Fax Activity Report can be automatically printed. For instructions on manually printing the Fax Activity Report, see "Manually Printing the Communication Management Report."
Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Send] → [Fax Settings].
Press [Fax Activity Report].
Specify each setting → press [OK].
<Auto Print (40 Transmissions)>:
Press [On] to automatically print the Fax Activity Report when the number of send and receive transmissions reaches 40.
<Specify Print Time>:
To print the report at a specified time, press [On] → enter the time using - (numeric keys).
The time is displayed in 24-hour notation Enter the time as a four digit number including zeros.
7:05 a.m. → 0705
11:18 p.m. → 2318
If you make a mistake when entering the time, press  to clear your entry → enter another four digit number.
If the number of send and receive transmissions exceeds 40 before the specified time, a Communication Management Report of the most recent 40 transmissions is printed.

If [Display Job Log] in [Management Settings] (Settings/Registration) is set to 'Off', [Fax Activity Report] is not displayed.
If [Display Job Log] in [Management Settings] (Settings/Registration) is changed from 'Off' to 'On', the following settings are switched to 'Off' automatically:
Auto Print (40 Transmissions)
Specify Print Time
When the message <Check the printer. Call service representative.> is displayed to indicate that the Print function is unavailable, the machine automatically prints a Fax Activity Report after it recovers from the problem. The latest 40 communication logs are printed on the report.