System Information

You can manually print the system information when required.
The items printed for the report and a description of each item are indicated below.
MEAP Specifications
Prints the version compatible with MEAP.
Meap Contents
Prints the ID compatible with MEAP.
Application Name
Prints the name of the application.
Application ID/System Application Name
Prints the system application's file name or the Application ID of a standard application.
Application Version
Prints the application's version number.
Prints the status of the application.
Installed on
Prints the date and time the application was installed.
Prints the name of the application vendor.
License Status
Prints the license status.
License Expires After
Prints the expiration date of the license.
License Upper Limit
Prints the upper license limit for each counter.
Counter Value
Prints the current value for each counter.
Free Register
Prints the current value for each register.
Maximum Memory Usage
Prints the maximum amount of memory that can be used by each application. The Maximum Memory Usage number is printed in kilobytes (KB).
Registered Service
Prints the service registered on the MEAP framework from the application. The Registered Service is printed only if there is data that corresponds to it.
The printed items are subject to change, as we are constantly improving our products.

Printing Installed Application Information

Press .
Press [Management Settings] → [License/Other] → [MEAP Settings].
Press [Print System Information].
Press [Yes].