Adjusting the Fixing Speed

When using long originals, paper which has absorbed moisture, or thin paper, the printed image may be distorted caused by paper feeding troubles. In this case, you may improve paper creasing and curled edges of paper by adjusting the fixing speed.
Since increasing the value to a great extent may cause paper jams and adversely affect the quality of the image depending on the paper type and the image, adjusting the values in small increments is recommended.
This function is displayed only if the settings are made available by your local authorized Canon dealer. Even if this function is displayed, do not allow anyone to change the settings except for the system manager. For more information on changing the settings, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Press .
Press [Preferences] → [Paper Settings] → [Paper Type Management Settings].
Select the paper type that you want to edit from the list → press [Details/Edit].
Press [Change] for <Adjust Fixing Speed>.
Press [-] or [+] to adjust the fixing speed → [OK].
If the result is unsatisfactory even after pressing [+], press [-].
Press [OK].

If the condition is not improved even after adjusting the value in both [-] and [+] directions, the condition may be improved by adjusting the Fixing Pressure value.