Setting Your Own E-Mail Address as the Destination

When you want to send to yourself, you can specify the e-mail address of the login user as the destination.
[Send to Myself] appears only if you register a user's e-mail address when you are using authentication by SSO-H.
The administrator can limit the e-mail destination of each general user only to [Send to Myself]. (See "Setting Limited Destination for Sending E-Mail.")

Press → [Scan and Send] → [Send to Myself].

If you set the Local Device Authentication system of SSO-H as the login service, your e-mail address as registered in the Local Device Authentication system of SSO-H is set as the destination.
If you set the Server Authentication user authentication system of SSO-H as the login service (including when performing Server Authentication with the 'Server Authentication + Local Device Authentication' user authentication system), the e-mail address that is set for the logged-in user using the Server Authentication is set.
If you set to perform authentication by SSO-H, appropriate operations for each authentication are needed. If you are performing user authentication using the SSO-H login service, see "Login Service."