Clearing the Message Board

The Message Board is a function used by the administrator to display messages for users of the machine on the touch panel display or the Remote UI.
Specifying the message board display settings and entering messages are performed from the Remote UI. (See "Displaying/Clearing the Message Board.")
This section describes the procedure for clearing message boards that appear on the touch panel display, from the machine.
If you are using a login service, you cannot clear a "message board without [OK] displayed," such as the one shown below, from the touch panel display. Clear such message boards from the Remote UI. (See "Clearing the Message Board.")

Press .
Press [Management Settings] → [License/Other] → [Delete Message Board Contents].
Press [Yes].

If [OK] is displayed on a message board, press [OK] to operate the machine.
If a Log In screen is displayed, enter the Department ID and PIN or user name and password to log in.