Setting Manual Delivery

You can set to manually deliver device information.
Press .
Press [Management Settings] → [Device Management] → [Device Information Distribution Settings].
Press [Manual Distribution] for <Transmitting Settings>.
Select the device information to distribute → press [Next].
Press [On] for an item to deliver that data.
If you press [On] for <Settings/Registration Value>, set <Network Settings>. You can press [Include] → [OK] to deliver the network settings.
Select the destination → press [Start Manual Distribution].
If you want to cancel the delivery, press [Cancel].
When delivery is complete, confirm the delivery results displayed in the 'Status' column on the Manual Delivery screen.
Even if you press [Cancel], delivery will not be canceled for machines to which information has already been delivered. Delivery to the next selected machine will be canceled.
Press [OK] → [OK].

When delivering device information, the following machines will not update their information:
Machines which are processing a send job
Machines importing or exporting data via the Remote UI
The client machine which is receiving device information from another host machine will not update the address book.
The client machine which is performing a print job will not update the printer settings.