Printing Received Images with the 2 On 1 Layout

This mode enables you to print two received documents of the same paper size onto a single sheet of paper. This mode is only available under the following conditions:
You must select the same paper drawer for printing two consecutive pages of a received document.
The paper in the selected paper drawer must be large enough for two consecutive pages to be printed out.
If the A4 paper drawer is empty, but the A3 drawer is loaded, you can print two A4 documents onto a single sheet of A3 paper. On the other hand, if the A3 paper drawer is empty but the A4 drawer is loaded, you can print a reduced A3 original on A4 paper.
Press .
Press [Function Settings] → [Receive/Forward] → [Common Settings].
Press [2 on 1 Log].
Press [On] → [OK].
Select [Off] if you do not want to enable 2 On 1 Log.

If you set 2 On 1 Log to 'On', documents are printed with a dotted line in the middle. If you print the document with sender information, the dotted line is not printed in the area where the sender information is located.