Time Settings for Auto Adjust Gradation

You can automatically perform the automatic gradation adjustment (quick adjustment) at a set time every day. This section describes the procedures of setting the time of the automatic quick adjustment each day.
Regardless of the [Adjustment Level] settings, it performs the quick adjustment for all [Thin 1/Plain/Heavy 1-4], [Heavy 5], and [Heavy 6-8] uninterrupted at a set time.
For more information on the automatic gradation adjustment, see "Automatic Gradation Adjustment."
Press .
Press [Preferences] → [Timer/Energy Settings] → [Time Settings for Auto Adjust Gradation].
Select a day → enter a time using  -  (numeric keys) → press [OK].
Enter the time in 24-hour notation as four digits (including zeros) without a space.
Examples: 7:05 a.m. → 0705, 11:18 p.m. → 2318
If you make a mistake when entering the time, enter another four digit number.
You can also press  to clear the incorrect values.