Customizing the Screen Display Appearance and the Operational Conditions

Individual users can customize the operational conditions to meet their preferences. For example, users who are English speakers can make a setting so that the English version of touch panel display appears when logging in, and other users can register their own SSID and network key to enable the machine to be easily connected to their mobile device. Because these settings are only enabled when the user who configured the settings logs in, they do not affect the settings of other users.
To use personal settings, you need to log in with personal authentication management. Managing Users
Available settings
The settings listed below can be configured.
The language used on the touch panel display
Accessibility functions for users who have difficulty seeing or performing input operations on the touch panel display
Personal access point (personal SSID/network key)
Automatically printing jobs after logging in
Press <Personal Settings>. <Home> Screen
When the login screen is displayed, log in. Logging into the Machine
Press the setting button that you want to configure.
To set the displayed language
To set accessibility
To specify a personal SSID and network key
Auto Print User Jobs When Logging In
Set the screen that is displayed when the machine starts
If the machine is configured so that users are required to log in when it starts up (Specifying When to Display the Login Screen), <Default Screen after Startup/Restoration> is displayed as an item in <Personal Settings>. The screen that is displayed after the machine starts up can be set for each user.