Saving Documents in the Advanced Space

Follow the procedures below to save scanned documents in the Advanced Space. You can use this convenient method when you want to digitize many documents so that you can share the information with the staff in a department in a paperless environment.
We recommend that you delete unwanted files or image data from the Advanced Space to make space for storing new documents.
You can also send documents to the Advanced Space by specifying it as the destination from <Scan and Store>. For instructions on sending documents to the Advanced Space, see Registering Destinations in the Address Book.
Set the original. Placing Originals
Press <Scan and Store>. <Home> Screen
Press <Advanced Space>.
Press <Shared Space> or <Personal Space>.
For information on the items on the screen and instructions on how to use them, see Working with Files and Folders in the Advanced Space.
Display the save location and press <Scan>.
Specify the scan settings as necessary.
For scan settings, see Setting Screen and Operations for Scanning to Save.
Press  (Start).
Originals are scanned and saved as files.
To cancel scanning, press <Cancel> or  (Stop) <Yes>.
When <Press the [Start] key to scan the next original.> is displayed
To check the result of saving, press  (Status Monitor) <Store>  <Job Log>. If <NG> is displayed, the file is not saved successfully. Try the operation again.