Replacing the Stamp Cartridge

The machine has a function for stamping originals scanned with the feeder to indicate that they have already been scanned. This stamp is a consumable. When the stamp starts becoming faint, replace the stamp cartridge attached to the feeder.
For information on the product number for the stamp cartridge, see Consumables.
Turn the power OFF, and remove the power plug from the power outlet.
Turning OFF the Machine
Check the operation status of the machine before turning the power OFF. You can turn the power OFF even if the machine is executing an operation, but this may cause the operation to be interrupted or data to become damaged.
Open the feeder.
Open the document feed scanning area cover.
Pull the lever on top of the feeder to open the document feed scanning area cover.
Gently open the cover so that you do not damage the platen glass.
Open the stamp cover.
Replace the stamp cartridge using the included tweezers.
Remove the stamp cartridge.
Install the new stamp cartridge.
Push the stamp cartridge straight in until it clicks into place. Installing it at an angle may cause paper jams.
Close the stamp cover.
Close the document feed scanning area cover until it clicks into place.
Gently close the feeder.
Insert the power plug into the power outlet, and turn the power ON.
Turning ON the Machine