Finishing with the Stapler

You can bind each copy with the stapler after a collate or group output.
Place the original. Placing Originals
Press <Copy>. <Home> Screen
Press <Options> on the Copy Basic Features screen. Copy Basic Features Screen
Press <Finishing>.
Press <Staple + Collate> or <Staple + Group>  <Next>.
<Staple> is displayed only when you are printing a PDF file with <Access Stored Files>.
Select the staple position.
A finisher may be required, depending on the finishing function. Finisher (imageRUNNER ADVANCE C475iZ III)
Depending on the paper type, you cannot use finishing functions. Hardware Specifications
You can specify the procedure to perform when there are too many sheets to staple at once. <Action When Too Many Sheets to Staple>
When configuring settings in <Access Stored Files>
The finishing function can be used only when you are printing a PDF/XPS file or a file stored in the Mail Box.