Basic Copy Operations

This section describes the basic operations for copying.
Place the document. Placing Documents
If <Auto Collate> is set to <On>, the Collate mode is automatically set when you place your originals in the feeder. <Auto Collate>
Press <Copy>. <Home> Screen
Enter the number of copies using the numeric keys on the Copy Basic Features screen. Copy Basic Features Screen
Specify the copy settings as necessary.
Enlarging or Reducing Copies
Selecting Copy Paper
2-Sided Copying
Adjusting Image Quality of Copies
Confirm settings before copying
Press  (Start).
Copying starts.
To cancel copying, press <Cancel> or  (Stop). Cancelling Copying
Pressing  or  during copying enables you to adjust density.
You cannot change the density while printing with <Secure Watermark> set.
When <Press the [Start] key to scan the next original.> is displayed
When multiple sheets are fed at once
Scanning is stopped and the message is displayed on the screen. Follow the instructions to clear the jam. When you have cleared the jam, the resume job screen is displayed. If the machine mistakenly detects multiple sheet feeding, press <Do Not Detect Multi. Sheet Feed> to resume scanning.
To set the machine in advance to not notify you of multiple sheet feeding, perform one of the following operations.
 Each time you copy, press <Options> on the Copy Basic Features screen select <Detect Feeder Multi Sheet Fd.> to disable the setting.
 Set <Set Detection of Feeder Multi. Sheet Feed as Default> to <Off> (<Set Detection of Feeder Multi. Sheet Feed as Default>).
Reserving a copy
Scanning can be performed in advance, even if the machine is preparing to print or printing. This function is called "Reserved copy." For example, to perform reserved copy while the printing or waiting screen is displayed, press <Close>, specify the copy settings in the usual manner, and press  (Start).
You can specify up to 50 jobs to be reserved, including the current job. Interrupt copy jobs are not included in this count.