Specifying MAC Addresses in Firewall Settings

You can set whether to allow or reject communication with a device that has a specific MAC address.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Preferences>  <Network>  <Firewall Settings>  <MAC Address Filter>.
Select <Outbound Filter> or <Inbound Filter>.
To restrict data sent from the machine to a computer, select <Outbound Filter>.
To restrict data received from a computer, select <Inbound Filter>.
Set <Use Filter> to <On>, select <Default Policy>, then press <Register>.
For <Default Policy>, select <Reject> to only allow communication with devices that have a MAC address specified in <Exception Addresses> in the next step, or select <Allow> to reject communication with them.
If <Reject> is selected for <Default Policy>, the restrictions do not apply to sending to multicast or broadcast addresses.
Enter the exception addresses, and press <OK>.
Specify the MAC addresses to designate as exceptions of the <Default Policy> option selected in the previous step.
You can register 100 exception addresses for <Outbound Filter> and <Inbound Filter>.
To edit an exception address
On the screen displayed in step 4, select the exception address that you want to edit, and press <Edit> to display the edit screen.
Press <OK>.
Press  (Settings/Registration)   (Settings/Registration) <Apply Set. Changes>  <Yes>.