Configuring the Department ID Management Settings

You can organize and manage users in groups based on Department ID. Follow the procedure below to configure Department ID Management and enable the machine to count the number of pages used for printing and scanning.
Make sure that Department IDs have been set for the users registered in the machine. Registering User Information in the Local Device
Department ID Management is only valid for users who are registered to the local device.
If you login as a user with Administrator privileges, a System Manager ID and PIN are automatically assigned, and managed as Department ID.
If Department ID Management is activated through the Copy Card Reader, the Department IDs assigned to the cards are used. Therefore, you cannot register Department IDs.
For information on the number of Department IDs that you can register, see Management Functions.
Press  (Settings/Registration).
Press <Management Settings>  <User Management>  <Department ID Management>.
Press <On>.
Department ID Management is enabled.
To disable Department ID Management, press <Off>.
Registering Department IDs and PINs
Press <OK>.
To check the page counts
If you want to check the total number of pages used by each Department ID for copies, prints, and scans (including faxes), press <Page Totals> on the screen displayed in step 3. The page counts do not include blank pages or sample prints used for checking items such as gradation adjustment or secure watermarks.
Logging In Using a Department ID and PIN
By registering a user with the same name as a department ID, login operations can be performed using a registered department ID and PIN. Registering User Information in the Local Device
The login screen can either be displayed when starting an operation or after a function is selected. Specifying When to Display the Login Screen
Changing the Login Service
The machine uses "User Authentication" (personal authentication management) as the login service. However, you can change the login service to "DepartmentID Authentication" using SMS. Changing Login Services