Printing Files in Memory Media

Even if the machine is not connected to a computer, or a printer driver is not installed in the computer, you can print files saved in memory media from the machine.
Press <Access Stored Files>. <Home> Screen
If <Select Option When Connecting Memory Media> is set to <On>, a shortcut to <Print from Memory Media> is displayed when you insert memory media. Press <Print from Memory Media> and proceed to step 4. <Select Option When Connecting Memory Media> Inserting a memory media
Press <Memory Media>.
Select the desired memory media.
For information on the items on the screen and instructions on how to use them, see Working with Files and Folders in Memory Media.
Select a file and press <Print>.
If you select PDF or XPS files, proceed to step 6.
You can select and print up to 6 files in the same memory media at a time.
Select the paper source and press <OK>.
Enter the number of prints using the numeric keys.
If you select multiple files in step 4, press <Change No. of Copies> and enter the number of prints.
Specify the print settings as necessary.
For print settings, see Setting Screen and Operations for Printing Saved Files.
To print a file with a password, press <Options>  <Password to Open Document>  <Encryption Password> or <Policy Password>, enter the password, and press <OK>. To print PDF files that forbid printing, or print PDF files that only allow low-resolution printing in high resolution, enter the specified password.
If you press <Start Printing> without entering a password, a password entry screen is displayed if the file has an encryption password.
Press <Start Printing>.
Printing starts.
To cancel printing, press <Cancel>  <Yes>.