Creating the Personal Space in the Advanced Box

The Advanced Box is typically used for data sharing, but you are allowed to create a "Personal Space" so that you can use it as your personal storage area, not open to the public. The Personal Space is suitable for saving highly confidential documents as it permits only the access of users who are logged in to the machine with personal authentication management.
To create a Personal Space, the personal authentication management settings need to be specified beforehand. (Managing Users). Also, you need to set both <Authentication Management> and <Allow to Create Personal Space> to <On> (Setting Advanced Box to Public).
Press <Access Stored Files>. <Home> Screen
Press <Advanced Box>.
Press <Edit Personal Space>  <Create Personal Space>.
When a Personal Space already exists, <Delete Personal Space> is displayed instead of <Create Personal Space>. Each user is allowed to create only one Personal Space, but you can create multiple folders in the Personal Space.
Press <Yes>.
To change the public folder name of a Personal Space
The name of a user who logs in to the machine to create the Personal Space is automatically used as its public folder name (folder name on the network). To change to another name, press <Edit Personal Space>  <Rename Opened Folder>  enter a folder name  <OK>.
To delete a Personal Space
Press <Edit Personal Space>  <Delete Personal Space>  <Yes>.
Users with Administrator privileges can delete single Personal Spaces or all Personal Spaces from the Remote UI.
Start the Remote UI  click [Settings/Registration]  [Function Settings]  [Store/Access Files] [Delete Personal Space].