Making Simple Edits to Files

The hard disk installed in the machine has a temporary data storage space called “Mail Box.” By saving documents in the Mail Box, you can make simple edits to files, such as combining files and deleting pages from files, from the machine. Edited documents can be converted into file formats such as PDF and TIFF that are supported by a computer and sent to the desired destination via e-mail and the like. In addition, as files saved from a printer driver or from <Store in Mail Box> in the <Copy> function contain print settings specified when saving, such as two-sided printing, you can print the files without specifying the print settings.
The machine is set to automatically delete saved files after a certain period of time. You can extend the period of time, or choose to store files indefinitely. Specifying the Mail Box Settings
To prevent unauthorized access or incorrect operations, you can set a password for the Mail Box. Specifying the Mail Box Settings