Removable HDD Kit

The "Removable HDD Kit" is a hard disk holder with which you can remove the hard disk in the machine. Remove and store the hard disk in a safe place to protect your data.

Hard disk holder

Holds the hard disk and attaches to the machine. To store the hard disk, remove this hard disk holder.

Front cover

Open this cover to set/remove the hard disk holder. You can install a commercial lock.
A lock is not included with the "Removable HDD Kit." Purchase a lock that is commercially available for security.
Note that Canon will not be liable for any damages resulting from the hard disk drive being stolen.
If you use the option together with the "HDD Mirroring Kit," you can store data onto two hard disks. System Options
If the <E602-0001> message appears on the touch panel display when the machine starts, a hard disk may not be set in the hard disk holder. Turn OFF the machine and check that the main power indicator on the control panel is not lit, and then check whether the hard disk is set. If the error message still appears even though a hard disk is set, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.

Setting/Removing the Hard Disk Holder

Setting the hard disk holder
Removing the Hard Disk Holder