List of Items That Can Be Personalized

The following items can be personalized for each login user.
Setting Value
Corresponding Settings
Display language*1*2
Display language and keyboard layout
Key Repetition Settings
Reversed Display (Color)
Voice Navigation Settings
Voice Navigation Settings (see Option Guide.)
Enable Screen Magnification (pinch)
Initial screen*1*2
Screen displayed after logging in
Personal buttons
Home settings
SSID, Network key, Automatically Enable/Disable Direct Connection at Login/Logout
Default job settings*1*2*3
Scan and Send*4
Scan and Store*4
Access Stored Files
Scan and Send
Previous Settings*1*3*5
Scan and Send*4
Address Book
Personal address lists*1
Group address books*1*6 (user group address list 01 to user group address list 50)
Conditions for changing the list order*5
Scan and Store
Access Stored Files
Automatic print after login settings
Auto Print User Jobs When Logging In
Web Access*7
For details, see "Web Access" via the online manual Web site. Manuals and Their Contents
*1 Deleted when <Delete Oldest User Settings> is specified. <Action When Maximum Number of Users Exceeded>
*2 When a client machine synchronizes custom settings for the first time, the synchronization of this item may not finish before the machine starts up.
*3 When synchronizing custom settings, this item can be specified for individual machines within the scope of data sharing. Specifying Detailed Synchronization Settings (Server Machine or Server/Client Machine)
*4 Even if this item is set to be shared, destinations are left blank and not synchronized.
*5 This item cannot be imported from another machine or exported to another machine. Importing/Exporting the Setting Data
*6 It is necessary to use the login service that supports the group function (User Authentication supports the group function).
*7 This item does not support custom setting synchronization.

Items That Cannot Be Personalized but Can Be Synchronized by Synchronizing Custom Settings

The following items cannot be personalized but can be shared between multiple Canon multifunction printers by synchronizing custom settings.
Destination for sharing user group address lists Registering Destinations via the Remote UI
Home settings (when not logged in) Customizing the <Home> Screen
Set <Shared across All Devices> to share the <Shared> and <Wallpaper Settings> (when not logged in) settings of the <Home> screen with all client machines using synchronization of custom settings. If you want to manage these settings for each client machine separately, select <Device-Specific (Not Shared)> when starting the service for the first time (when no client machines are connected to the server machine). The data may be initialized if the scope of data sharing is changed after the service is started.
For information on the keychain, see Managing Users.
When the <Switch Language/Keyboard>, <Accessibility>, and <Personal SSID and Network Key Settings> settings could not be reflected immediately after logging in, they can be reflected when it becomes possible. For more information, see Starting Setting Synchronization.