Disabling Copying of Documents (Document Scan Lock)

Embedding "Scan Lock Information" when copying enables you to restrict reproduction by copying or scanning. In addition, embedding "Tracking Information" enables you to analyze embedded information on the output and find out who, when, and with which machine a copy or print was made. You can embed this information using a "TL Code" or "QR Code." The differences between these codes are the embedding methods, restriction conditions, and Tracking Information. Optional products are required to use the Document Scan Lock function. System Options
There are restrictions for paper that can be used with this function. See Hardware Specifications.
You cannot use both a TL code and a QR code at the same time. Specify the Document Scan Lock settings beforehand, such as whether to restrict scan job or not, and which code to use to restrict the scan job.
The Document Scan Lock mode does not guarantee restriction of unauthorized copying. You may not be able to restrict unauthorized copying or analyze tracking information, depending on the combination of settings and the output such as a document with an image on the entire page.