Fax Function

The optional Super G3 FAX Board is needed to use the Fax function.
Telephone Line Used*1
Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
Scan Line Density
G3: 8 pels*2/mm x 3.85 line/mm
G3: 8 pels*2/mm x 7.7 line/mm
G3: 8 pels*2/mm x 15.4 line/mm
G3: 16 pels*2/mm x 15.4 line/mm
Transmission Speed
Super G3: 33.6 kbps
G3: 14.4 kbps
Compression Method
Transmission Type
Super G3, G3
Sending Original Sizes
11" x 17", LGL, LTR, LTRR, STMTR, A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5*3, B5R*3, A5, and A5R*4
Receiving Paper Sizes
LGL, LTR, LTRR, STMTR, A3, B4, A4, A4R, B5, B5R, A5R, 11" x 17", 8K, and 16K
No. of Memory RX Jobs
Up to 320 jobs
Transmission Times
JBIG: Approximately 2.6 seconds (When sending LTR or A4*5 Canon original paper, Normal 8 pels x 3.85 line/mm ECM (JBIG))
*1 When using an IP telephone service, facsimile communication may not be performed normally via an IP telephone line. It is recommended to use facsimile communication via a general telephone (Public Switched Telephone Network) line.
*2 Pels stands for picture elements (pixels).
*3 Sent as B4.
*4 Sent as A4.
*5 Size of paper used for measuring Transmission Times differ depending on the machine you are using.
208 V and 120 V machines: LTR
230 V machine: A4

Max. Destinations for Sequential Broadcast Transmission

You can specify and send to up to 256 destinations at the one time. (If you specify a group, which is made up of several destinations, each destination is counted as a separate destination.)