Replacing the Toner Cartridge

When toner starts running low or has run out, a message is displayed prompting you to prepare a new toner cartridge or perform toner cartridge replacement. Prepare a new toner cartridge or perform toner cartridge replacement according to the displayed message.
For details about each message, see Countermeasures for Each Message.
For information on the product numbers for toner cartridges, see Consumables.
You can check the current amount of toner remaining. Checking the Remaining Toner Level

Procedure for Replacing the Toner Cartridge

When replacing toner cartridges, follow the instructions shown in the video along with those written below.
When replacing multiple toner cartridges at the same time, replace them in the order black, yellow, magenta, cyan.
Press .
When the black toner has run out completely, this procedure is not necessary.
Open the toner replacement cover.
Hold the left and right sides of the toner replacement cover, and pull the cover towards you to open it. The replacement cover (small cover) of the slot will open for the toner in need of replacement.
Do not open the small cover by force, as doing so may damage the machine.
Pull out the toner cartridge.
Never touch the tip of the toner cartridge or make sure to avoid applying shocks to the toner cartridge by hitting it against something, etc. Doing so may cause the toner to leak.
Remove the new toner cartridge from its box.
Hold the new toner cartridge horizontally, and gently tilt it from side to side about 10 times.
Shaking the toner cartridge evens out the toner inside.
Remove the cap from the new toner cartridge.
Place the new toner cartridge standing up and remove the protective cap by turning it in the direction of the arrow.
Install the new toner cartridge.
Before installing the toner cartridge, confirm that the color of the toner cartridge and the color indicated on the small cover are the same.
Close the small cover.
The small cover cannot be closed unless the toner cartridge has been pushed in as far as it will go. Do not try to force the cover closed, as doing so may cause it to break.
Close the toner replacement cover.
If printing was interrupted because toner ran out, it will automatically resume when you replace the toner cartridge.
Even if cyan, magenta, or yellow toner runs out, you can continue to print in black-and-white as long as black toner remains, but the printing quality will drop. If you want to continue printing in black-and-white, do not replace the toner cartridge until printing is complete.
If the color and density of printing differ after replacing the toner cartridge, perform adjustment.