Replacing the Staple Case in the Saddle Stitcher Unit (Booklet Finisher-X)

If there is any paper in the booklet tray, remove it.
Open the front cover of the finisher.
Pull out the saddle stitcher unit.
Remove the (two) staple cartridges while pulling down the lever towards yourself.
Press the blue parts on both sides of the staple cartridge cover, and open it.
Remove the empty staple case.
Remove the empty staple case by lifting it up while holding it on both sides.
Remove the new staple case from its box.
Load the new staple case to the staple cartridge.
Diagonally insert the tab on the front of the staple case into the hole in the staple cartridge, as shown in the illustration.
Push down on the back of the staple case until it clicks into place.
Make sure to insert the front part of the staple case first. Do not attempt to insert the back side of the staple case first, as shown in the illustration below.
Close the staple cartridge cover.
Install the (two) staple cartridges to the saddle stitcher unit.
Make sure that the staple cartridges are inserted so that the marks for setting position are aligned as shown in the illustration above.
Push in the saddle stitcher unit, and close the front cover of the finisher.