This section describes settings for improving accessibility, such as the speed at which the same character is entered repeatedly when a key is held down, and reversing the contrast of the touch panel display.
<Key Repetition Settings>
 (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences> <Accessibility>
You can set the amount of time before characters start repeating when you hold down a key on the touch panel display, as well as the interval between repetitions.
<Reversed Display (Color)>
 (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences> <Accessibility>
You can invert the screen colors of the touch panel display. If you find it hard to view the display even after adjusting the brightness, try specifying this setting.
<Enable Screen Magnification>
 (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences> <Accessibility>
On the <Home> screen and the Basic Features Screen of each function, you can zoom in or out by spreading two fingers apart (zoom in) or pinching two fingers together (zoom out).
<Use Flick/Pinch Function>
 (Settings/Registration)  <Preferences> <Accessibility>
You can set whether to use flick and pinch operations.