Editing Files in the Mail Box

You can edit documents saved in the Mail Box. This storage space enables you to rename and delete saved files, as well as combine multiple files into a single file or insert a file into another one.
Press <Access Stored Files>. <Home> Screen
Press <Mail Box>.
Select the desired box.
You can also enter the box number using the numeric keys to directly specify the desired box.
Mail box list
Displays icons indicating the statuses of the boxes, box numbers, box names, and the amount of memory consumed by each box.
Icon types displayed are as follows:
 Mail box with files saved
 Mail box with no files saved
 Mail box with passwords set Specifying the Mail Box Settings
Displays the total amount of memory consumed by all the boxes.
Press to move to the upper level from the current one.
Operate files.
Mail box information
Displays the number and name of the box displayed. You can change the display format, depending on the model of your machine.
Files saved in the box
Displays whether files are selected, icons indicating the file type, names, scanning sizes, number of pages, and saved dates/times.
Press <Name> or <Date/Time> to sort the list of files and folders by name or date/time in ascending () or descending () order.
If you log in with personal authentication management, the sorting condition that was last used is retained. List of Items That Can Be Personalized
When files are selected, numbered icons are displayed in the order you select the files. If you are printing multiple files at the same time, they are printed in that order.
Files saved from a printer driver (Saving Data on Computers) or from <Store in Mail Box> in the <Copy> function (Storing Copy Documents in the Machine) contain print settings. Note that if you edit files, such as combining and inserting files, all the print settings for each file are canceled.
Total number of files and number of selected files
Displays the total number of files saved and the number of files in the selection.
<Print List>
Prints a list of documents saved in the box displayed. You can check the names, paper sizes, and the number of pages of documents.
Prints files. Printing Files in the Mail Box
Sends files, or saves files in a file server. Sending Files in the Mail Box
<Edit File>
Press to rename files or combine multiple files.
<Display Image>
Displays the preview image of a file. You can also print after checking the preview image and deleting unnecessary pages.
Displays the detailed information of a file, such as the number of pages and paper size.
<Select All (Max 100 Files)>/<Clear Selection>
If files are not selected in , <Select All (Max 100 Files)> is displayed. If one or more files are selected, <Clear Selection> is displayed. Press <Select All (Max 100 Files)> to select up to 100 files in the box at the same time or <Clear Selection> to deselect them.
Display switch button
Press <Up> to move to the upper level from the current one. To update the contents of the displayed screen, press <Update>.
To change a file name
To display the preview image of a file
To check the detailed information of a file
To delete a file
To scan and save documents
To move/duplicate files to another box
To combine multiple files into one file
To insert a file into another one
To delete pages