Enabling Automatic Setting of the Options of the Device

When using a device that supports bi-directional communication, you can set the computer to automatically retrieve the option information of the device using the Office Printer Utility or CUPS PS Printer Utility.


Installing the Driver
Registering a Printer
Confirmation that the device you are using is set to perform duplex communication
For information on the setting method, refer to the manual of the device.
Confirmation of driver names corresponding to the device
For driver names corresponding to devices, refer to the Readme file.


Display the [System Preferences] dialog box of the operating system → click [Printers & Scanners].
Select the device → click [Options & Supplies].
Select [Utility] from [Options & Supplies] → click [Open Printer Utility].
Click [Printer Information] in the displayed Office Printer Utility or CUPS PS Printer Utility dialog box.
In the [Printer Information] dialog box, check the device information → click [OK].
If the driver name displayed at the top of the [Printer Information] dialog box and the name displayed in [Configuration] > [Name Retrieved from Printer] do not match, you may not be able to use the functions of the device. If this happens, delete the device from the [System Preferences] of the operating system and register the device again.

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