[Quality] Panel

You can set the print resolution, color mode, etc.
Selects the print resolution.
[Quality Settings]
Sets print quality details such as gradation, toner amount, etc.
[Quality Settings] Dialog
[Color Mode]
Switches between printing in color or in black-and-white.
[Output at Color Printing Speed]
To increase the printing speed, prints mixed color and black-and-white page data at color print speed.
[Number of Colors Settings]
Switches between full color printing and two color printing. If you select [Two Colors], select [Color to Use with Black].
[Color Settings]
Adjusts color, brightness, contrast, or color matching.
[Color Settings] Dialog
[Combine Color Separations]
Integrates four-color-separated CMYK data to print a single document.
[Profile Settings]
Performs detailed profile settings.
[Profile Settings] Dialog