Cannot Register a Device Connected by Bonjour

When registering a device connected by Bonjour in the operating system, the corresponding device may not be displayed in the [Add] dialog box.
If this happens, it could be due to a number of causes. Change settings as necessary by referring to each "Remedy."

Cause 1.

The settings of the device are incorrect
Confirm that the Bonjour settings in the control panel of the device are enabled. For details, refer to the manual of the device.

Cause 2.

The network settings of the operating system are incorrect
Check whether the necessary settings have been configured in the network settings of the operating system. If they have not been set, change the settings according to the following procedure.
(1) Display the [System Preferences] dialog box of the operating system → click [Network].
(2) Enable the network settings you are using in the [Network] panel.
(3) Click the [Finder] icon → click [Finder] > [Preferences] in the menu bar.
(4) Click the [General] tab in the [Finder Preferences] dialog box → enable [Connected servers].

Cause 3.

The driver has not been installed correctly
Reinstall the driver and register the device again.

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