Using a Fax Server

You can send faxes using a fax server.
To Send Faxes Using a Fax Server
Specify the following settings after connecting the machine to the fax server.
Register the domain name of the fax server in <Auto Add Specified Domain to Dest. Without Domain>, and set <When Sending I-Fax> to <On>. <Auto Add Specified Domain to Dest. Without Domain>
Enable this function. <Use Fax Server> (for the 120 V machine only)
The machine must be restarted twice to enable this setting.
If you enable this function, the fax line cannot be used for sending.
For information on the fax servers that can be used, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
Sending a Fax
In the same way as when sending a regular fax, press <Fax Server>(<Home> Screen) and specify the destination from the <Fax Server> screen to send a fax.
Faxes are sent from the machine via the fax server. Basic Operations for Sending Faxes
The destination is specified as a Fax number, as with regular fax sending. Set <Auto Add Specified Domain to Dest. Without Domain> in advance to automatically add a domain. <Auto Add Specified Domain to Dest. Without Domain>
It may be necessary to enter the country code before the Fax number, depending on the service of the fax server you are using.
Example: When sending to "(323) 555 1234" in the United States:
1 (country code) 323 (area code) 5551234 (fax number)
The destination is