This section describes how to specify the copy settings.
<Register/Edit Favorite Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can register a combination of settings frequently used when copying to a single button. You can also assign a name to the button. Registering a Combination of Frequently Used Functions
<Display Confirmation for Favorite Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can select whether to display a confirmation screen when recalling "Favorite Settings."
<Change Default Settings>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can change the settings registered as default for the <Copy> function. Customizing the Basic Features Screen
<Register Options Shortcuts>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can register/change modes in the shortcut keys displayed on the Copy Basic Features screen. This feature is useful when you want to register functions frequently used from <Options> and <Favorite Settings>.
<Auto Collate>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
If this setting is set to <On>, the machine can automatically switch to <Collate (Page Order)> for the finishing mode when originals are placed in the feeder. When using the imageRUNNER ADVANCE 715iFZ III/715iZ III/615iFZ III/525iFZ III, you can also set <Offset>. This is useful when making multiple sets of copies, because you do not need to remember to select the Finishing mode.
<Photo Printout Mode>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
You can enable the Printed Image mode. If this mode is set to <On>, you can select <Printed Image> or <Photo Printout> for the image quality when copying.
<Job Separator Between Groups>
  <Function Settings>  <Copy>
When copying two copies or more with <Group (Same Pages)> in <Finishing>, you can insert sheets between each page group. If you select <On>, select a paper source.