Automatically Selecting an Appropriate Paper Source for Each Function

Enable or disable the automatic paper source selection feature for each paper source. If this feature is set to <On>, the machine automatically selects a paper source that is loaded with paper of the appropriate size for each print job. Also, when the paper in the selected paper source runs out, this feature enables continuous printing by switching from that paper source to another that is loaded with the same paper size.
Select <Menu> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Function Settings>  <Common>  <Paper Feed Settings>.
Select <Paper Source Auto Selection>.
Select the target function.
When the target function is report/list printing or memory media print, select <Other>.
For each paper source to which you want to apply the automatic paper source selection feature, select <On>.
When the optional paper feeder is installed, its paper drawer is also displayed.
Always specify <On> for at least one of the paper drawers. If you select <Off> for all the drawers, then you cannot finish the setting procedure.
Select <Apply>.