Registering a Custom Paper Size

You can register up to three frequently used custom paper sizes.
Select <Paper Settings> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select <Register Custom Paper>.
Select the registration number.
Deleting a setting
Select the registered number, and then select <Delete>  <Yes>.
Specify the length of the <X> side and <Y> side.
Select <X> or <Y>, and enter the length of each side using <+>/<->, with / to move the cursor between the digits for inputting whole numbers and fractions.
Changing the display name of a registration number
Select <Name>, enter the display name, and then select <Apply>.
Select <Apply>.
Setting to the registered custom size
The paper sizes that are registered in the procedure above can be called when <Custom> is selected on the paper size selection screen for the paper drawer or multi-purpose tray.