Receiving I-Faxes

When an I-Fax Arrives

When an I-Fax arrives, the Data indicator on the operation panel blinks. After the I-Fax is completely received, the document is printed out automatically and the indicator goes out.
To cancel reception, select <Status Monitor> <RX Job> select a document in the <RX Job Status> tab <Delete> <Yes>.

Receiving I-Faxes Manually

If you want to connect to the server before receiving I-Faxes automatically, or if you want to configure the machine so that it does not receive I-Faxes automatically, use the method below to receive I-Faxes manually. If there is a document on the server, printing begins.
<Status Monitor>  <RX Job> <Check I-Fax RX>

Printout Paper

Regardless of the received document size, incoming I-Faxes are printed at the size specified in <RX Print Size>. <RX Print Size>
If paper of the size specified in <RX Print Size> is not loaded in the paper drawer, the <No Paper> error message is displayed. For more information, see "Troubleshooting (FAQ)" on the online manual website.
If you want to print received documents on both sides of paper: <Print on Both Sides>
If you want to continue printing even when the amount remaining in the toner cartridge is low: <Continue Print. When Cart. Low>