Adjusting Image Quality

If the print results or scanned images are not satisfactory such as low image quality, poor reproducibility, or skewed printouts, try the adjustments below.

Adjust Copy Image

If the density or brightness of copies and memory media print differs markedly from the originals, use this function so that the appearance of the printing results becomes closer to that of the originals. Adjusting the Gradation and Density for Copy Jobs

Black Text Processing for Color

You can make an adjustment such that black or nearly black text is reproduced in a color closely matching with the original that was scanned in color. Adjusting Values for Text Color Reproducibility

Density Adjustment

When the print results are too dark or too light, you can adjust the density. Adjusting Print Density

Adjust Print Position

You can adjust the print position when the printed image is skewed or part of the image is outside the print range. Adjusting Print Position