Printing from a USB Memory Device (Memory Media Print)

You can print files directly by connecting a USB memory device to the machine. Using this function, you can print without using a computer. For more information about the available USB memory devices and how to insert/remove the USB memory device, see Using a USB Memory Device.
It is necessary to set <Use Print Function> to <On>. <Memory Media Settings>
Select <Memory Media Print> in the Home screen. Home Screen
Select the check box for the file to print.
You can select multiple files.
To clear a selection, select the file you have selected () again.
Selecting a folder displays its contents. To return to the folder in the upper level, select .
Folders and files in a level deeper than the fifth directory are not displayed.
When you move to another folder, the previous file selections will be cleared.
To select all files
Select <Select All>.
To clear all selections, select <Clear Selection>.
If file types are mixed, select <JPEG/TIFF Files> or <PDF Files>.
To change the file display method
You can select the file display method from "Preview"/"Thumbnail"/"Details."
You can specify the file display method used to display the <Memory Media Print> screen. <Default Display Settings>
To change the file sort order
You can change the sort order of the files in a USB memory device.
You can specify a sort setting such as <Name (Ascending)> or <Date/Time (Ascending)> as the default setting for the file sort order. <File Sort Default Settings>
Select <Sort Files>.
Select the criteria for file sorting.
When you select <Date/Time (Ascending)> or <Date/Time (Descending)>, files are sorted based on the modification dates and time of the files.
Select <Apply>.
Specify the print settings as necessary.
You can select <Reset> to restore all the default print settings.
<Brightness> is not available for printing PDF files.
<Number of Copies>
<2-Sided Printing>
<N on 1>
<N on 1> is not available for printing TIFF files.
<Set JPEG/TIFF Details>
<Set PDF Details>
Select <Start>.
Printing starts.
If you want to cancel printing, select <Cancel>  <Yes>.
If you always want to print with the same settings: Memory Media Print