You can scan original documents by using the operation panel of the machine or an application on a computer. Whichever way you use, the scanned originals are converted into electronic file formats such as PDFs. Use the scan function to convert large-volume paper documents into files so that you can organize them easily.
To use this machine as a scanner, you must complete preparations in advance, including installation of software to a computer. For more information, see the manuals for the relevant drivers or software on the online manual website. To connect the machine to your computer via a network, you must register the machine to the installed software. Preparing to Use the Machine as a Scanner
Depending on the operating system and the version of the scanner driver or applications you are using, the screens in this manual may differ from your screens.

Using Basic Operations

You can scan and save originals to your computer by using the operation panel of the machine. You can also save originals to a USB memory device or send them as e-mail attachments.

Enhancing Quality

You can find instructions on how to resolve problems such as "blurry photos" or "text unreadable due to too deep color of the paper."

Efficiently, Reliably

You can find instructions on how to enhance efficiency when sending data and descriptions of useful settings.

Scanning from a Computer

You can scan originals placed on the machine from a computer. The scanned originals are saved to the computer. You can scan using MF Scan Utility (included with the machine), or with other applications such as an image-processing or word-processing application.
Scanning from Mobile Devices
Linking mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to this machine provides a quick and easy way to scan originals set on this machine. Linking with Mobile Devices