Registering LDAP Servers

If an LDAP server is implemented in the network, you can search the server for fax numbers or e-mail addresses, and then specify them as destinations or register them in the Address Book. Note also that if send function authentication (LDAP Server Authentication) is enabled, you must register the server used for authentication. You can register a maximum of five LDAP servers each for searching and for authentication to the machine. Register LDAP servers via the Remote UI.
For more information about the basic operations to be performed when setting the machine from the Remote UI, see Setting Up Menu Options from Remote UI.
Start the Remote UI and log in to System Manager Mode. Starting Remote UI
Click [Settings/Registration] on the Portal page. Remote UI Screen
Click [LDAP Server Settings].
Click [Register New Server] for [LDAP Server (For Search)] or [LDAP Server (For Authentication)].
LDAP server registration needs to be performed separately either for searching or for authentication. To use an LDAP server for searching for fax and e-mail destinations, register it for searching, and to use it for authenticating sending of e-mail or faxes, register it for authenticating.
To edit registered server information
Click a text link under [Server Name] for the edit screen.
To delete registered server information
Click [Delete] on the right of the server name you want to delete  click [OK].
Register the LDAP server.
Register the server used for searches
Register the server for searching for fax or e-mail destinations.
Registering the authentication server 
If the use of the fax and scan functions is restricted, register the server used for authentication.
Click [OK].