Procedure for Setting a FTP Server as a Save Location

Before configuring the machine for scanning to FTP Server, check the setup flow shown below.
Make sure that the machine and the computer are correctly connected.
Make sure that you have the following information:
The IP address of the machine. Viewing Network Settings
FTP server name.
Path to the FTP server and folder name.
User name, password (only if set).
If the path, folder name, user name, password, etc. for the FTP server are unknown, contact you Network Administrator.
To change the FTP port number. Changing Port Numbers
Check whether you need to use PASV mode.
If a firewall is installed between the machine and the FTP server, you must set PASV mode. Configuring FTP PASV Mode
Also make sure that <Use HTTP> and <Use Remote UI> are set to <On>.
Disabling HTTP Communication
Disabling Remote UI
Register the FTP server address.