Replacing the Staple Case in the Stapler Unit (Staple Finisher-V/Booklet Finisher-V)

Follow the procedure described in this section to replace the staple case in the stapler unit for the optional Staple Finisher-V/Booklet Finisher-V.
Open the front cover of the finisher.
Pull out the staple cartridge from the stapler unit.
Hold the green tab of the staple cartridge, and pull it out straight toward you.
Remove the empty staple case from the staple cartridge.
Pinch the arrow marks on the staple case, and remove it in the direction of the arrow.
Take out a new staple case from the box.
Insert the new staple case.
Insert the tab on the end of the staple case into the staple cartridge, then lower the staple case to attach it.
Hold the green tab, and push the staple cartridge back into the stapler unit until it is securely in place.
Close the front cover of the finisher.