TCP/IP Network Setup Procedures

To use a TCP/IP network, it is necessary to perform the following procedures.

1.Protocol Settings

Specify the protocol settings. To specify the settings, use one of the following:
The machine's control panel
The Remote UI (via a Web browser)
Canon utilities

2.Setting Up a Computer for Printing

Specify the settings of each computer you use for printing. (Optional equipment is required to print from a computer. For the equipment needed, see "Optional Equipment and System Requirements.")

3.Setting Up a Computer as a File Server

Specify the settings of the computer receiving data sent from the machine.

It is recommended that you consult the administrator for the network you are using when performing the settings in steps 1 and 3.
The machine or printing equipment does not come with printer driver software that can be used on a UNIX platform. (Use LPD to set up a printer in UNIX.)
If you are using the imagePRESS Server, see the manual of the imagePRESS Server.
If you are using the imagePRESS Server, some functions are not available with this machine. For details, see the manual of the imagePRESS Server.
Pre-determined ports must be opened in order to initiate network communication using TCP/IP. The required ports can be opened by selecting [On] for the appropriate [Network] settings in the machine. It is recommended that the settings for any unused functions be set to 'Off'. When a port is opened, it is possible for a third person to gain unauthorized access.