Logging In with the SMS Password

This password is to prevent unauthorized operation of the machine. Do not inform anyone other than the administrator of this password.
In order to prevent erroneous usage, change the password to one that only the administrator knows (when you begin using it). If you want to change the password, see "Changing the Password."
Make sure that you do not forget your password. Otherwise, you will not be able to access SMS. In this case, contact your local authorized Canon dealer.
The default password is "MeapSmsLogin" (case sensitive).

Start your Web browser → enter the following URL in the address bar.
https://<IP address or host name of the machine>:8443/sms/
The device serial number appears on the top left of the screen. This serial number is necessary when retrieving a license file from the license management system.
A drop-down list for switching the displayed language appears on the top right of the screen. Select the display language as necessary (English and Japanese only).
Enter the password → click [Log In].
If SMS is idle for longer than five minutes, it will timeout and you are automatically logged out. If this happens, log in again from the [Login] page.
If you do not log in within five minutes of displaying the [Login] page, you cannot log in even if you enter the correct password. Re-enter the password according to the message displayed on the screen.
If you want to initialize the password, a license switch file is needed. Click [Browse…] → select a license switch file → click [Initialize].
If you cannot log in because the password is incorrect, a message prompting you to re-enter the password will be displayed.